Many leaders view HR as an isolated function within their organization focused on areas like recruiting, payroll, benefits, and compliance . To improve organizational performance across all disciplines and business functions it takes more than a nice person in the HR department. It takes systems, talent, strategy, implementation, and understanding. The same requirements of any other department, only HR has to have an understanding all business functions needs and be able to effectively communicate and implement the strategy. A wholistic, integrated approach is the only way to achieve that objective.

Many organizations “outsource” several of the HR fuctions to HR consulting firms.  An integrated approach cannot be done with this mind-set. People are at the center of your organization. They are at the heart of your enterprise. And while Red Zone HR can perform these “outsourced” functions, our best work for our clients is done when the mind-set is not one of “outsourcing”, but one of integration.  We infuse into your organization.  We become your HR department.  Whether you need us at your location every week or just a few hours a month, we will tailor our HR Infusion services to fit your needs.  No company is exactly like another, which is why we customize our high-touch on-site program to matc the uniqueness of your company.

Our HR Infusion program can include strategic to operational:

  • HR executive planning and alignment
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • HR systems implementation and management
  • Positive employee relations
  • Benefits administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Recruiting Services