We will help you define the project to target your needs

Do you have a few HR projects you need to finish up but just can’t find the time? We can handle your HR projects including create employee handbooks, policy development, performance reviews, compensation reviews and more. We can also help with HR assessments including file retention, job classification, benefits administration and other HR administration. Our HR consulting projects will assist to optimize your business’s workforce performance, growth, and long-term success.

HR Projects include:


The bottom line for your business is very important. And while there are many factors that come into play to recruit and retain quality employees, crafting a compensation structure for your employees bottom line cannot be overlooked. It’s a two way street. It has to work for both the employee and the business. If it doesn’t the organization cannot and will not be sustained let alone grow for the long-term.

Red Zone HR has crafted compensation plans for companies of all sizes, industries and complexities that yield bottom line results for the employee and the employer.

Recruiting Services

Getting the right person in the organization at the right time can be a challenge but acting as your HR department we can do the critical recruiting process for you.  Red Zone HR offers full lifecycle recruiting services for administrative, management, sales and professional positions.

We tailor our recruiting services to your needs.  Understanding your needs is the key element of our recruiting process to identify the successful candidate. We help you develop the job specifications right the first time.

Our Full Lifecycle Recruiting Services include:

  • Job description development
  • Targeted candidates sourcing strategies
  • Cutting edge online recruiting technology
  • Extensive screening process
  • Target interview question development
  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Background checks
  • Reference checks
  • Offer development

Payroll Administration

Even using a payroll service provider can still lead to extensive hours preparing payroll each pay period and it becomes incredibly more complex as you add more employees. We can become your internal payroll department and deliver on the golden payroll rule: Process accurate and on time payroll, every time. We provide payroll expertise for our smaller business clients as if they have a large company payroll department.


Many organizations think of providing benefits in terms of a level of coverage at a cost that is appropriate for the business. And, in an environment where the employer had the upper hand in employee recruitment and retention like this past recession, that may have been all that was needed. Times have changed. The employee pool is far more competitive, certain industries have scarcity of talent, and in a world governed by a new set of health care regulations, benefits that fit not only your workforce, but your business can be a competitive advantage. Understanding your needs, the type of workforce you employ, its risks, and its near-term and future needs can all have a significant impact on the well-being, health, and productivity of your workforce and your business. Red Zone HR can help navigate these tricky waters.


Sustainability of the organization and growth depend upon people being able to take new learning, new insights, new processes and being able to apply them to day-to-day operations. Our training is designed to empower, improve, and perform – taking your employee productivity from one level to the next in order to reach their potential.

HR Assessment

It’s hard to solve a problem when you don’t know what you don’t know. Every company has issues or areas needing improvement. But seeking a solution without understanding – or knowing – the root of the problem will often create larger or additional problems. No one enjoys audits. They are kind of like a root canal. Our HR Assessment isn’t a root canal; we focus our attention on what you are currently doing and what gaps may be present. Our non-threatening, objective analysis will serve as a road map for action planning and organization growth.

Our team of HR professionals can skillfully pull out the needed information based upon years of experience in human resource best practices. And, while being able to properly identifying the gaps is a skill unto itself, Red Zone HR can provide the recommendations, action plans and implementation services needed to be able to take your organization beyond just identifying the problem, to actually solving it.