The practice of Human Resource Management is frequently disconnected from the bottom line of businesses

At Red Zone HR we know there has to be a connection between HR and performance. We build a connection with clients knowing the following are the challenges:

  • Business owners do not see the connection of a well managed HR program and corporate performance.
  • HR is a strategic component to every business plan and Red Zone HR is uniquely qualified to help develop and implement those plans.
  • HR is considered a “soft science” that doesn’t require a defined expertise. Our approach embraces the opposite perspective because we live at the intersection of the law, well established best practices based upon years of experience and expertise, and the latest in technology to bring about optimal corporate performance.
  • HR practitioners are viewed as an “outsourced” or provide a “virtual” services, Red Zone HR seeks a hands-on, intimate, visible relationship with its clients.

Our Team Mission & Values